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Marion Municipal Court
Judge Teresa L. Ballinger Amanda Fellows, Clerk

Probation Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Marion Municipal Court Probation Department is to protect the public through accountability and supervision while promoting positive behavior change.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Marion Municipal Court Probation Department is to foster positive changes in offender behavior through proactive, innovative, and evidence-based approaches.

General Contact Information

233 West Center Street
Marion, Ohio 43302
City Hall, 3rd Floor
General Phone Number (740) 382-4031, Ext. 0
Fax Number (740) 387-4301
Restitution Payments, Electronic Home Monitoring/House Arrest (740) 382-4031, Ext. 0
Diversion (740) 382-2254
Driver Intervention Program (740) 383-5515
Drug Court/Mental Health Court (740) 387-2038
Veteran's Court (740) 387-7323

Staff Contact Information

Tom Stotts Chief Probation Officer (740) 383-5515
James Boleyn Special Dockets Director (740) 375-2760
Kendrick Beard Probation Officer (740) 382-5947
Rick Howell Probation Officer (740) 387-7323
Lindsey Cochran Probation Officer (740) 387-2249
Cliff Smith Probation Officer (740) 387-2254
Mallory Webster Probation Officer (740) 387-2234
Nancy McDuffie Probation Officer (740) 387-2134
Tim Thacker Probation Officer (740) 387-2235
Meghan Stose Probation Officer (740) 387-2136
Bobbie McEldowney Case Manager Supervisor (740) 382-6504
Brooke Deemer Case Manager (740) 387-2012
Sarah Temple Case Manager (740) 387-2011
Amy Rigney Special Dockets Clerk (740) 387-2038
Tami Neal Probation Clerk (740) 382-4031, Ext 0

Standard Reporting Probation

Long-term probation consisting of mostly moderate and high-risk supervision established through an intake screening. This supervision consists of case planning using evidence-based practices to assist offenders in establishing short- and long-term goals to get them on path to becoming a productive citizen. Supervision consists of office visits, field visits, and electronic home monitoring.

General Reporting Probation

Short-term probation requiring little to no probation services, which may be established through an intake screening. In most cases, offenders on this supervision are required complete some type of online class, complete community service, complete a driver intervention program, and/or pay restitution.


Supervision for first time offenders who have committed theft, underage consumption, possession of marijuana, and other qualifying offenses. If an offender is approved for the diversion program, the offender must enter a guilty plea and within 90 days must complete several hours of community services, pay court costs in full, and in some cases complete an online course. If all requirements are completed within 90 days, the case is dismissed. The diversion program allows for some first-time offenders not to get a misdemeanor conviction which may hinder in obtaining employment or seeking higher education.

MARC Court (Drug Court)

The Making Accountability and Recovery Count Court (MARC) is a specialized court docket focused on offenders diagnosed with a substance use disorder. This drug treatment court assists participants in developing a sober lifestyle through evidence-based intervention and treatment in a non-adversarial approach. This alternative to traditional case processing supports participants in their sobriety, employment or education skills, housing, and development and utilization of outside support systems with the ultimate goal of reducing recidivism and saving lives.

WIN Court (Mental Health Court)

The Wellness Intervention Court (WIN) is a specialized court docket for offenders diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness. WIN Court connects these offenders with effective, evidence-based treatment and case management to assist in improving their illness management skills. These connections aid the participants in developing accountability, enhancing their ability to lead a stable life, and reducing their criminal behavior.

Veterans’ Treatment Court

The Veterans’ Treatment Court is a specialized court docket for offenders who are also veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. The court is committed to addressing the unique mental health- and substance abuse-related needs of the participants by providing an intensive treatment program that helps establish access to a range of services available within the community. The goal is to promote self-sufficiency, to reduce recidivism, to enhance public safety and to provide an alternative to incarceration.

Frequent Contacts

3rd Millennium Classrooms (888) 810-7990
Felony Adult Probation (740) 223-4230
Family Court/Juvenile Probation (740) 223-4060
Multi County Correctional Center (740) 387-7434
City Prosecutor/Law Director (740) 387-3777
Marion County Prosecutor's Office (740) 223-4290
Marion County Clerk of Courts (740) 223-4230
Marion County Sheriff's Office (740) 382-8244
Marion Police Department (740) 387-2525
Bureau of Motor Vehicles - Marion (740) 387-1467
Bureau of Motor Vehicles - Columbus (614) 752-7500
Marion/Crawford ADAMH Board (740) 387-8531
Marion County Children Services (740) 389-2317
Marion County Job & Family Services (740) 387-8560
Marion Matters (740) 223-2999
Marion County Veterans Services (740) 387-0100
Aspire (GED) (740) 386-4123
Goodwill Education & Training Center (740) 751-4282
Metropolitan Housing (740) 383-5680
Community Action (740) 387-1039